Net-zero is all our business

We are Positive Planet

Positive Planet is a ‘profit with purpose’, service focussed business.  We deliver solutions that help our customers make more sustainable choices, about how they run their businesses and their lives. As employees we encourage each other to innovate, evangelise and grow. As a company we get actively involved in our communities to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of being sustainable. 

Our science based solutions are powerful, and flexible and scale to meet the challenges of every business and organisation. 

Founding story

Adam and I had been working together in another business and had tried to measure our carbon emissions. The process was really difficult and it was clear that their wasn’t a great deal of support for a small business like ours to become more sustainable. 

When the covid pandemic hit in 2019 we were forced to rethink our plans for a management buy-out in the business we were running together and we made the decision to launch Positive Planet. 

We both had personal experience of sustainability programmes and I had spent five years working in the decarbonisation sector with corporate net-zero consultancies. We shared a vision of creating a net-zero agency rather than a consultancy, because we saw that what businesses really needed was hands on support and not someone telling them what to do. 

Positive Planet officially launched in the summer of 2021 after several months of researching and testing. The response to our proposition has been overwhelming and we are growing faster than we imagined. A year in and we already support more than 250 companies on their journey to net-zero. Our clients range from one man bands and start ups through to well known brands. The team is growing quickly and we already employ twelve passionate and knowledgeable specialists who are actively helping our clients to reduce their climate impact. I am still genuinely excited every time we gain a new client and running a business which is making a tangible difference to such a critical issue is incredibly rewarding. 

As the father of two young boys, I am hopeful that they will have a safe future on our amazing planet. I strongly believe that businesses both large and small have a critical role to play in delivering positive change and those that embrace sustainability will reap significant business benefits. 

Stephen Henry

Co-founder, Positive Planet


Everyone Taking Positive Action

Climate change is having a detrimental and irreversible effect on the planet and our way of life. Just because you might never achieve net zero emissions, taking zero action is not acceptable. We believe in pragmatic sustainability, where everyone takes some positive action, no matter how small, to reduce or reverse the effects of carbon emissions. We help to achieve this by making it easy for businesses and organisations to take pragmatic steps to improving their sustainability.


Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Race & Gender Equality

Never has there been a greater need for collective power. We are committed to giving equal chances to everyone regardless of gender or race. As the business grows we will strive to maintain a fair and representative balance of males and females and individuals from ethnic minorities as partners in the business. 


Everyone should feel comfortable in the workplace, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.  We are committed to creating and maintaining an open and supportive working environment. This includes equal opportunity for advancement and development within the firm regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and the equal provision of benefits to same and opposite sex partners or spouses.


We operate the business as a cooperative partnership with all qualifying employees being awarded shareholding in the business. We do this because we believe that it makes us a better business, and because we feel that everyone should share in the rewards of the efforts. 


Where We Work Is Part Of How We Work

We believe in leading by example.  We have minimised our own carbon emissions and we only partner with companies, who are committed to sustainable actions. We participate by committing to Climate Neutral Now and SME Climate Hub pledges. As a business committed to responsible capitalism, we are also proud to be a certified member of the Good Business Charter. 

We endeavour to only partner with businesses that are committed to sustainable practices


Sustainable Schools

Our pioneering Sustainable Schools programme provides free access to a range of programmes to help schools become more sustainable:

  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Sustainable educational programmes with our partner Earth Cubs
  • Passive income from parent referral programmes
  • Reduce your schools costs and carbon footprint by switching to green energy

Climate Action Deadline

There is still time to avert climate disaster, but only if we take bold, immediate action The Climate Emergency is here. The next 7 years is our only opportunity to make changes to avoid raising global temperature above 1.5ºC, a point of no return that science tells us will make the worst climate impacts likely inevitable. You can make a difference today by offsetting your carbon footprint, planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint. The DEADLINE on the clock alerts us to the critical time window we have left to take the action to combat climate change. 


Five Reasons To Become Carbon Neutral

Climate change and climate action are something that most of us worry about. It is hard to avoid the images of the devastating effect climate change is having on our planet and its inhabitants. Increasing awareness and external pressures are resulting in more companies taking action to reduce their climate impact and become carbon neutral. For many businesses, becoming carbon neutral is the first step on their pathway to becoming net-zero. There are many simple solutions that your company can easily implement to help fight this battle. We help our clients understand the short and long-term benefits to their business of taking climate action, becoming carbon neutral and achieving net-zero. In this article, we outline 5 important reasons to become carbon neutral and help you to start your business journey toward net-zero.

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