Our planet needs us to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030

Our planet needs us to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030

We need businesses like yours to lead the way.

We need businesses like yours to lead the way.


Discover our Carbon Measurement, Offsetting, and Certification Services for your Business


Why Positive Planet?

We believe that businesses of all sizes must act to embrace sustainability. We work with organisations help them embrace sustainability in a way that benefits the planet and their business. Shifting to more sustainable ways of working can help you unlock new revenue streams, attract new customers, reduce costs and increase margins. We are experts in helping to turn your sustainable choices into commercial advantage and competitive differentiation. 

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Carbon Neutral Certification

Our business accreditation helps you to get formally recognised for your actions to reduce your company carbon emissions. Certified Carbon Neural companies commit to offsetting and reducing their annual carbon emissions. We measure your carbon emissions annually and issue your certificate and company dashboard showing your positive climate impact. View a company dashboard here


Carbon Footprint Accounting

We measure your company data in line with recognised industry principles so you can report your progress with confidence. Our expert carbon accounting team support you to set your reporting boundary and give guidance in data collection. We then deliver high-level improvement recommendations and management information to help drive progress.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions


Carbon Offsetting

Once your company carbon footprint has been measured, we can support you to offset any unavoidable emissions through UN certified carbon reduction projects around the world. In doing so, members can support some of the most effective and impactful offsetting projects on the planet. You can supplement your carbon offsets with tree planting activities both in the UK and overseas. 


Positive Planet Workforce

From £5.40 per employee per month, Positive Planet enables businesses to offset their employees home and work carbon footprint. We achieve this by investing in tree planting which removes carbon from the atmosphere, and funding UN approved projects which reduce global carbon emissions. 
Environmental Protection and Conservation
Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Carbon Reduction

A tailored programme to give your business the tools and knowledge to create a credible net zero carbon action plan that is reviewed by our certification team. This is followed up with annual workshops to discuss progress against the action plan encouraging continuous improvements.


Your  employees, suppliers and customers are the key to achieving your sustainability goals. Our engagement team includes qualified ecologists with experience running corporate sustainability workshops for organisations such as the RSPB. We can support you to embed sustainability in the culture of your business, which drives innovation and continual progress. Our engagement strategy can also help build connections with other sustainable businesses, resulting in shared learning and the ability to develop business opportunities.

Reduce your Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Protecting Our Planet

Positive Planet customers contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Your money helps to protect the environment and contributes to creating jobs, protecting communities, supporting wildlife, ecology and biodiversity. Overall our activities contribute to support 9 UN SDG’s. 


How to Comply with PPN 06/21

Inn June 2021 the UK Government announced Public Procurement Notice 06/21 (PPN06/21), requiring all companies and organisations who apply for central government contracts would need to demonstrate their alignment with the governments 2050 Net Zero goals.

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What is Net Zero Carbon?

You can hardly turn on the TV without hearing the term net zero, or more accurately,net zero carbon, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, net zero carbon refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero carbon when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away. But how do we achieve this and why does it matter?

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