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The Positive Planet Carbon Neutral badge is displayed by businesses, products and events that have achieved Carbon Neutrality in line with our no greenwash, industry-leading standards. 

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Certify your company or product as Carbon Neutral using industry leading standards

A carbon neutral accreditation demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to responsible climate action and shows that you are supporting high quality carbon reduction projects.

What is a Carbon Neutral footprint?  
A Carbon Neutral footprint is one where the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) produced is offset by Carbon Offsetting or nature based solutions, sometimes called Carbon Sinks. The Positive Planet standard for Carbon Neutrality requires an organisation to be measuring their carbon footprint and taking genuine steps to reduce their emissions. We support our Carbon Neutral companies throughout this process, to enable you to share your Carbon Neutral accreditation with confidence. 


Avoid greenwashing with robust standards

When certifying an organisation as Carbon Neutral, we employ rigorous standards to protect your organisational reputation. The Positive Planet accreditation uses a robust framework, which delivers genuine carbon reduction and promotes responsible climate action bu offsetting your emissions.


The Benefits of becoming Carbon Neutral


Sustainable Business Accreditation

Positive Planet Business Services | Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Certified Carbon Neutral

Recognising your commitment to annually reduce your company carbon emissions and offsetting your carbon footprint. Certification is a positive sign to your customers and suppliers that you take sustainability seriously. Certification takes between 2-6 weeks depending on the size of your business. 

Net Zero Business

Certified Net Zero

Fulfilling your goals to minimise your company greenhouse gas emissions qualifies you as a Certified Net Zero business. Achieving certification with Positive Planet is an opportunity to join a passionate, like-minded community that offers ongoing development and support.

Product Certification Services

Certified Product/Service

Product Certification enables you to calculate the carbon footprint of a product or service. We use the life cycle analysis (LCA) approach and will provide a carbon footprint measurement for an item or suite of products and identify solutions to reduce its climate impact.


Five Reasons To Become Carbon Neutral

Climate change and climate action are something that most of us worry about. It is hard to avoid the images of the devastating effect climate change is having on our planet and its inhabitants. Increasing awareness and external pressures are resulting in more companies taking action to reduce their climate impact and become carbon neutral. For many businesses, becoming carbon neutral is the first step on their pathway to becoming net-zero. There are many simple solutions that your company can easily implement to help fight this battle. We help our clients understand the short and long-term benefits to their business of taking climate action, becoming carbon neutral and achieving net-zero. In this article, we outline 5 important reasons to become carbon neutral and help you to start your business journey toward net-zero.

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Carbon Reduction Consultant

Job Title: Carbon Reduction Consultant  Salary: £40K per annum plus annual bonus Based: Manchester city centre offices with flexible home-working encouraged About The Role  

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