Wind Energy Power Generation – India

Our clients have supported the transition to renewable energy throughout the NEWNE regional grid of India. The wind energy project reduces the need for fossil fuel-based combustion, reducing GHG emissions in local and regional areas.

The Mexican Foodbanking Network

Our clients have helped reduce GHG emissions in Mexico by re-purposing surplus nutritious food and donates it to those in need, avoiding mass pollution to landfill.

RIMA Magnesium Production Gas Conversion – Brazil

By supporting this project, our clients have helped eradicate greenhouse gas emissions from this RIMA Magnesium Production factory. Greenhouse Gas sulphur hexafluoride is substituted for sulphur dioxide, a non-global warming gas.

Incomex Hydroelectric Project – Brazil

Our clients have helped reduce the need for fossil fuels in Brazil by supporting this hydroelectric project that minimizes the need for electricity generated by diesel powered units.

Pamir 1 Hydropower Generation – Tajikistan

Our clients have ensured local communities in Tajikistan have access to a reliable source of clean energy by supporting the maintenance and operation of this hydropower project.