Carbon Footprint Calculation

Reporting Year:

April 2019 – March 2020

Company Locations Measured:

The Dreadnought Centre
Carn Brea Lane
TR15 3DS

Emission Sources:

Scope 1 & 2

Stationary Combustion, Mobile Combustions, Fugitive Emissions, Process Emissions, Purchased Electricity, Steam, Heat & Cooling.

Scope 3

Managed Assets, Goods & Services, Assets, Waste from Operations, Water Consumption, Air, Sea and Land-based Travel, Hotels & Accommodation, Employee Commuting, Upstream and Downstream Distribution.

Carbon Footprint Breakdown:

Scope 1 Emissions:     2.79 tCO2e
Scope 2 Emissions:    2.02 tCO2e (includes REGO)
Scope 3 Emissions:   19.89 tCO2e   

Renewable Energy.    -1.86 tCO2e   

22.84 tonnes CO2e Emitted

34.25 tonnes CO2e Removed
plus 343 Trees Planted

Carbon Emissions by Source

Empowering change for a brighter future. The Certified Carbon Neutral is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and property. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of eco conscious businesses who make a positive difference.

Projects Supported

Sustainable eco-friendly travel tourist hiker walking in natural bamboo forest happy with arms up in the air enjoying healthy environment renewable resources.


In order to avert a climate catastrophe, research shows we must take CO2e out of the atmosphere. Inventors around the world are working on big machines to suck carbon out of the air and capture it underground. Meanwhile, nature already built those machines for us: They’re called trees, and they are a crucial part of protecting our climate.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Future Technology

Let’s face it, our fossil fuel-based system needs an upgrade. Instead of spewing CO2e until we run out of dead dinosaurs to burn, let’s go all-in on renewable technology now. That’s why solar is so important: it can bring electricity to millions while keeping fossil fuels in the ground.


Social Impact

Nearly half of the world still cooks over open fires, which is bad for the planet and bad for human lives. Air pollution from inefficient wood-burning stoves contributes to millions of deaths each year. These clean cook stoves, developed with the community, burn efficiently with less fuel, protecting people and the planet.

Sustainable Development Goals Achieved

Carbon Reduction Actionplan

Short-term (2021 – 2022)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Medium-term (2022 – 2025)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Long-term (2025 – 2030)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Company Statement

Sara-Jane Perrins


As a small local organisation we already aim to be economical with our emissions, however, we understand that as part of a global community we need to play our part in not only supporting young people now but also their futures.

Over the coming years we aim to achieve this by replacing our current oil burning heating system with an air source heat pump system. As well as increasing the insulation in our centre and exploring further renewable energy sources including ways of storing the energy we currently produce with our solar panel array. In the meantime as we proceed towards this aim our organisation is committing to offsetting our emissions to reach Carbon Neutral status.