Carbon Neutral Business

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Reporting Year:

February 2020 – January 2021
(covid affected year)

Company Locations Measured:

Suite 3
119-120 John Wilson Business Park

Emission Sources:

Scope 1 & 2

Stationary Combustion, Mobile Combustions, Fugitive Emissions, Process Emissions, Purchased Electricity, Steam, Heat & Cooling.

Scope 3

Managed Assets, Goods & Services, Assets, Waste from Operations, Water Consumption, Air, Sea and Land-based Travel, Hotels & Accommodation, Employee Commuting, Upstream and Downstream Distribution.

Carbon Footprint Breakdown:

Scope 1 Emissions:     0.00 tCO2e
Scope 2 Emissions:     0.00 tCO2e (includes REGO)
Scope 3 Emissions:   11.04 tCO2e   

11.04 tonnes CO2e

Carbon Emissions by Source

Empowering change for a brighter future. The Certified Carbon Neutral is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and property. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of eco conscious businesses who make a positive difference.

Net Zero Target: 2030

Carbon Reduction Actionplan

Short-term (2021 – 2022)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Medium-term (2022 – 2025)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Long-term (2025 – 2030)

– Action 1
– Action 2
– Action 3

Rhiannon Petty

Managing Director

The insurance industry gives a unique perspective of the damage already being seen from climate change.  We have seen claims increase massively over the last 10 years for storm and flood events, both in frequency and severity.  Already some parts of the UK are difficult if not impossible to obtain flood insurance for. The evidence leaves no place for having our heads in the sand.    

All of which begs the question… why not do all we can to reverse the trends?  At The Insurance Manager, we are 100% behind doing our bit, and being certified as Carbon Neutral is a first step towards our sustainability vision.  We are proud to have worked with Positive Planet, and to enlist their help in the next step in the journey, which is to assist our clients in incorporating insurers carbon footprints in their policy purchasing decision.