Carbon Footprint Calculation

Reporting Year:

April 2020 – March 2021
(covid affected year)

Company Locations Measured:

Mushroom Works
St Lawrence Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Emission Sources:

Scope 1 & 2

Stationary Combustion, Mobile Combustions, Fugitive Emissions, Process Emissions, Purchased Electricity, Steam, Heat & Cooling.

Scope 3

Managed Assets, Goods & Services, Assets, Waste from Operations, Water Consumption, Air, Sea and Land-based Travel, Hotels & Accommodation, Employee Commuting, Upstream and Downstream Distribution.

Carbon Footprint Breakdown:

Scope 1 Emissions:       0.11 tCO2e
Scope 2 Emissions:      1.81 tCO2e
Scope 3 Emissions:   43.87 tCO2e

Renewable Energy:   -1.25 tCO2e
Mature Woodland:  -13.00 tCO2e

31.54 tonnes CO2e Emitted

47.32 tonnes CO2e Removed

Carbon Emissions by Source

Empowering change for a brighter future. The Certified Carbon Neutral is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and property. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of eco conscious businesses who make a positive difference.

Nick James


Creating beautifully made sustainable furniture is important to us. This is why we are 100% carbon neutral manufacturer placing the environment at the heart of what we do.

We track all energy, material and use of fossil fuels across our whole production process and offset this through carbon-capturing methods, such as management of our own woodland and tree planting to sequester carbon and build a better world for future generations.

Our drive to a more sustainable world is important which his why we think about this in every part of our process and do things like, use specially-selected FSC-certified wood, heat the workshop with all of our offcuts and make high-quality, long-lasting furniture built to last for generations.