Carbon Footprint Calculation

Reporting Year:

Jan 2021 – Dec 2021
(covid affected year)

Company Locations Measured:

Unit 5c
Roundwood Industrial Estate
West Yorkshire WF5 9SQ

Emission Sources:

Scope 1 & 2

Stationary Combustion, Mobile Combustions, Fugitive Emissions, Process Emissions, Purchased Electricity, Steam, Heat & Cooling.

Scope 3

Upstream Transportation & Distribution, Waste from Operations, Air, Sea and Land-based Travel, Hotels & Accommodation, Employee Commuting, Downstream Transportation & Distribution.

2020 Carbon Footprint Breakdown:

Scope 1 Emissions:                519.634 tCO2e
Scope 2 Emissions:                 26.725 tCO2e
Scope 3 Emissions:          3,522.031 tCO2e   

4,068 tonnes CO2e emitted

Carbon Emissions by Source

Empowering change for a brighter future. The Certified Carbon Neutral is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and property. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of eco conscious businesses who make a positive difference.

Carbon Reduction Plan


Target Date

Estimated CO2e Impact

Decarbonise company vehicle(s) by 50%


6.160 tCO2e

Move 25% of Goods & Services to sustainable suppliers that use 100% renewable energy and that have a documented carbon reduction plan


105.530 tCO2e

Reduce commuting emissions by 25% by promoting the benefit of electric cars to all employees and through use of cycle-to-work scheme


1.206 tCO2e

Engage Positive Planet to provide Carbon Literacy Training for leadership team




By End Of 2025

112.896 tCO2e