Workforce Offset 480

This plan offsets 480% of a typical UK employee’s carbon footprint each month.

Who is this plan good for?

Businesses or teams that;

  • Travel long distances for work.
  • Such as driving up to 100,000 miles per annum.
  • Or, takes no more than 30 short-haul flights a year.
  • Or, take no more than 10 long-haul flights a year.


At Positive Planet we don’t just plant trees.  Each subscription also helps fund a range of different carbon reducing or offsetting projects each month.  Working with a range of trusted partners, such as WWF and United Nations, we will select a range of projects each month for you to support.  We will share this with you in your account so you know exactly who you are helping, where the project is and exactly what your money is being used to fund.


£20.40 / month