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Advertising, Marketing & PR

Welcome to Positive Planet. Advertising, Marketing & PR agencies now have the responsibility and influence to drive mainstream change for the good of the planet, as well as supporting their clients sustainable business growth. With brands increasingly looking for agencies who align with their own social and environmental actions, it is important for agencies that they can demonstrate their own sustainable credentials with confidence.  Positive Planet helps businesses in the advertising, marketing and PR industries to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve Certified Carbon Neutral accreditation through sustainable business practices, including the use of environmentally friendly material, green tech and eco friendly design. 

50% of marketers

are ‘about to start’ or still taking ‘first steps’ when it came to their sustainability journey – 26% are already well advanced in their sustainable actions

71% working in your sector

are worried about the negative impacts of the industry on the environment; they want their agencies to take climate action.

91% of employees in your sector

stated that their company taking positive climate action would improve their job satisfaction.

Climate and Environmental Control Solutions | Carbon Credit Provider

The Advertising, Marketing and PR industry needs to support certification

We help Advertising. Marketing & PR agencies measure the overall emissions from media planning, buying and distribution and identify where they need to reduce the climate impact of running clients’ campaigns. In doing so, agencies will not only positively impact the planet but also improve their triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.  

Certified Carbon Neutral

Achieving Certified Carbon Neutral status for your business recognises the commitment to your continuous improvement in measuring, reducing and offsetting your business’ greenhouse gas emissions. The Certificate and Dashboard are a positively recognisable sign of your company’s sustainabile credentials. 

Sustainability Sells

It’s a fact that sustainability sells, 81% of global customers say that it is extremely important for companies to implement programs to improve the environment. In a post covid world,  consumers and businesses are increasingly looking to buy from companies that are taking climate action seriously. Put simply, sustainability is an approach to make long-term value by taking into consideration how a business works in the ecological, social, and economic environment.

Sustainability is based on an assumption that adapting sustainable strategies will foster longevity. Consumers are skeptical when brands make “Green” claims. Our research found that 76% of consumers look to supporting factors or external certification to evaluate the credibility of environmental benefit claims. 

Businesses Reducing Carbon Footprint and Emissions | Positive Planet

“Marketing has incredible power in creating tangible and exciting visions of ourselves and our future, and in explaining the benefits of this critical transition to a zero carbon world. Given how important climate change is to their business and to our planet, Chief Marketing Officers should quickly become the new climate activists and lead the way in the Race to Zero.”

Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Champion for COP26

Melissa Saxon

How Warrington Mortgage Centre is leading change in the property industry through sustainable actions

Warrington Mortgage Centre (WMC) provides personalised mortgage advice that’s easy to understand, for first-time buyers and those looking to remortgage their property. WMC understands that a lot of investment in the mortgage industry goes into unsustainable activities, so providing clients with sustainable alternatives and advice was an easy decision to make.

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