Landfill Gas Utilisation Project – New Bedford, USA

Our clients have supported landfill gas projects in the United States of America, contributing to the removal of greenhouse gas emissions like methane and carbon dioxide.
Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at Positive Planet

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Landfill Gas Utilisation Project - USA

About the project

This project removes landfill gas from the atmosphere and transfers it to energy. The gas-to-energy plant reduces the amount of both methane and carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere, as well as generating enough clean electricity to light 3500 homes every night. This comes from the 3.3-megawatt hours (MWh) of clean energy the project produces.

The reduction of methane is essential to our battle against climate change as it is 28 times more powerful at heating the Earth than carbon dioxide. Collecting and combusting the methane from this Massachusetts Landfill is resulting in an effective reduction of greenhouse gases. Find out more >

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Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at Positive Planet

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