This Months Carbon Projects – January 2022

Positive Planet invest in both reforestation and carbon projects on a monthly basis. We aim for a broad mix of UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and a geographical mix that focuses our efforts across vast regions and continents.

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Wind Project

The project produces cleant energy for 60,000 homes, meaning an annual emissions avoidance of 119,000 tCO2e to the atmosphere – this is equivalent to importing approximately 215,000 barrels of oil.

In addition to mitigating climate change through the production of clean energy, this project is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by carrying out activities that generate a positive impact on local communities and wildlife, including;

promotion and conditioning of a fishing area for self-consumption, Donation of safety equipment, installation of PV panels to provide electricity back during (regular) outages and a wildlife conservation plan for the vulnerable flora of the region.


Deforestation began in Haiti when colonizers cut down trees for coffee, indigo, tobacco, and sugarcane plantations run by slave labor. Today, the leading cause of this deforestation is charcoal production and the consequences have been devastating. A mere 1% of its primary forests remain, and the UN estimates that 30% of those remaining trees are destroyed each year.

Mangrove projects in coastal areas are playing a key role in restoring and maintaining ocean health, while planting agroforestry species, such as citrus, mango and papaya has helped to promote food security.

United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals Supported

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