Sustainable accreditation

Everything you need to become a certified sustainable organisation

Carbon Neutral Certification

Show the world that you are going above and beyond to minimise and mitigate your climate impact. 

Net Zero Accreditation

Demonstrate that you are on a pathway to achieving net zero carbon emissions for your organisation. 


Certified Carbon Neutral

Positive Planet Accreditation enables organisations to demonstrate that their carbon neutrality claims are credible and verified in order to increase customer confidence. It provides guidance on how to quantify, reduce and offset carbon emissions on a specified business area. This can include activities, products, services and events. 


We work with businesses and community groups

We provide leadership and expertise to help deliver a zero carbon society, working with businesses, government, local authorities and community groups across the UK and internationally.


Why Become Certified?

Companies and organisations urgently need to improve their environmental impact. Positive Planet helps them rise to the challenge and maintain competitiveness.

Action on climate change is required from all of us. However, businesses and organisations of all sizes carry a special responsibility as a significant contributor to carbon emissions. By changing their actions and those of their suppliers, companies can have a direct impact on the environment, make an immediate and valuable contribution to sustainability and promote the development of a circular economy.


Five Reasons To Become Carbon Neutral

Climate change and climate action are something that most of us worry about. It is hard to avoid the images of the devastating effect climate change is having on our planet and its inhabitants. Increasing awareness and external pressures are resulting in more companies taking action to reduce their climate impact and become carbon neutral. For many businesses, becoming carbon neutral is the first step on their pathway to becoming net-zero. There are many simple solutions that your company can easily implement to help fight this battle. We help our clients understand the short and long-term benefits to their business of taking climate action, becoming carbon neutral and achieving net-zero. In this article, we outline 5 important reasons to become carbon neutral and help you to start your business journey toward net-zero.

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