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A Structured Programme To Help Your Business Go Net Zero


Certified Carbon Neutral

Achieving Certified Carbon Neutral status for your business recognises the commitment to your continuous improvement in measuring, reducing and offsetting your business’ greenhouse gas emissions. Certification is a positively recognisable sign of your company’s sustainability action. 


Why Become Certified?

Companies and organisations urgently need to improve their environmental impact. Positive Planet helps them rise to the challenge and maintain competitiveness.

Action on climate change is required from all of us. However, businesses and organisations of all sizes carry a special responsibility as a significant contributor to carbon emissions. By changing their actions and those of their suppliers, companies can have a direct impact on the environment, make an immediate and valuable contribution to sustainability and promote the development of a circular economy.


Recognition As A Sustainable Business Can Have Transformative Benefits

Enhance Profits

Businesses who act sustainably typically have less waste, lower operating costs and deliver faster, more profitable growth

Attract Customers

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important factor for both buyers when making  purchasing decisions

Acquire Talent

Companies with strong environmental credentials perform better at attracting and retaining talented employees 

Elevate Your Brand

Sustainable actions present great opportunities to talk about your brand through PR or social media in a positive way 

Environmental Protection and Conservation


Market Leading Features To Deliver Maximum Sustainable Benefits


Demonstrating Your Sustainable Credentials Won't Cost The Earth

We believe that sustainability should be affordable and accessible. From as little as £125 (plus the cost of measuring your carbon emissions) we’ll accredit your business or organisation as being Planet Positive, Carbon Neutral or Net Zero.  You get a sustainably printed and framed certificate, an online dashboard and digital badges for your email and website footers, which link to your dashboard for maximum visibility of your sustainable actions. 

From £125 per site/location


Sustainable Business Accreditation

Certified Planet Positive

Our entry level accreditation, for businesses who are committed to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions. Get a printed certificate, a digital sustainability dashboard and digital badges for your website and email footers. Accreditation starts from £125 per site/location.  

Positive Planet Business Services | Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Certified Carbon Neutral

Recognising your commitment to annually reduce your company carbon emissions and offsetting your carbon footprint. Certification is a positive sign to your customers and suppliers that you take sustainability seriously. Certification takes between 2-6 weeks depending on the size of your business. 

Net Zero Business

Certified Net Zero

Fulfilling your goals to minimise your company greenhouse gas emissions qualifies you as a Certified Net Zero business. Achieving certification with Positive Planet is an opportunity to join a passionate, like-minded community that offers ongoing development and support.

Product Certification Services

Certified Product/Service

Product Certification enables you to calculate the carbon footprint of a product or service. We use the life cycle analysis (LCA) approach and will provide a carbon footprint measurement for an item or suite of products and identify solutions to reduce its climate impact.


How to Comply with PPN 06/21

Inn June 2021 the UK Government announced Public Procurement Notice 06/21 (PPN06/21), requiring all companies and organisations who apply for central government contracts would need to demonstrate their alignment with the governments 2050 Net Zero goals.

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What is Net Zero Carbon?

You can hardly turn on the TV without hearing the term net zero, or more accurately,net zero carbon, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, net zero carbon refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero carbon when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away. But how do we achieve this and why does it matter?

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