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Positive Planet works with multiple membership groups and industry bodies to accelerate the transition to net zero. We understand that collaboration is imperative to achieving our commitments, and working with memberships groups and their members is a great way of getting multiple businesses onboard.


Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is fast becoming a driver for business development. Organisations should recognise that fostering sustainable practices within their respective industries not only addresses environmental challenges but also ensures the economic and social well-being of their members.

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By championing sustainability, membership groups & industry bodies can empower their members to embrace sustainable technologies, reduce carbon footprints, and adopt ethical business practices. By partnering with Positive Planet and committing to being environmentally conscious, you can attract new members who share similar interests, encouraging new ideas and collaboration, and strengthening your net zero commitments.

Success Stories: FIDIC

Positive Planet teamed up with FIDIC to normalise sustainability to become part of daily operations and business identity. As a consultancy, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise with our community members to exercise sustainable practices. FIDIC, the global representative body for national associations of consulting engineers, have been working with Positive Planet to understand their organisational carbon footprint, and take steps to reduce their emissions.


“Reducing our carbon footprint is a collective effort and we invite our members, employees, partners and stakeholders to join us in our sustainability journey. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

“Taking the initiative to measure our own carbon footprint is a significant step towards FIDIC’s commitment to sustainability. By taking responsibility for our environmental impact and implementing meaningful actions to reduce our emissions, we are striving to be a responsible organisation and contribute towards a greener future.”

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin
Chief Executive at FIDIC

Why Net Zero Matters

In today’s world, environmental stewardship is increasingly vital. Membership groups and industry bodies play an important role in driving positive change amongst their members and wider stakeholders using their influence. Together, achieving net zero becomes a realistic ambition, shaping a future where industries thrive in conjunction with one another.

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