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More than 98% of companies implementing a sustainability programme fail to achieve their stated goals. Business as usual, changing priorities, a lack of expertise and badly communicated commitments can all derail your progress, leaving your reputation damaged and opportunities missed.  

The Positive Planet Certified Accreditation flips your chances of success, supporting you to achieve your sustainability goals and helping you to derive tangible business benefits.    

Group meeting

How we help you share your progress and impact:  

  • A certificate confirming your Positive Planet Certified status.
  • Badges to use on your email footer, website or other company assets such as vehicles or packaging.
  • An online disclosure dashboard so that you can share your status. 

The Process

Who can be Positive Planet Certified?

Any company or organisation, regardless of size or sector, seeking to take positive climate action can become Positive Planet Certified.   

Positive Planet Certification is available for: 

  • Companies (the business operations of a company) 
  • Organisations (the operations of a not-for-profit organisation)