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Why Positive Planet’s training and trainers stand out:

A full-time training team is at our disposal, capable of delivering training online or in person throughout the UK.

Multiple industry-specific courses have been created and certified by us.

Understanding that every team is unique, our trainers work together to tailor content that truly benefits your employees.

CLO Platinum

We are proud to be Carbon Literacy Trust Accredited and a Carbon Literate Platinum Organisation

2022 – 2024

Our trainers

Andrea Wood

Head of Training

PK Whalen

Environment & Sustainability Trainer

Connor Grisdale

Senior Carbon Consultant & Sustainability Trainer

After attending some Positive Planet webinars, Vernacare’s ESG Project Manager decided to reach out for more information regarding Carbon Literacy training. Following some discussions, Vernacare opted for our Carbon Literacy training to be rolled out to the wider organisation to put carbon reduction in the spotlight at all levels of the business.

The training has resulted in a heightened focus on sustainability across Vernacare, engaging with Positive Planet’s Train the Trainer course to gain the tools and knowledge to deliver CL training internally. Vernacare has gone on to become a Carbon Literate Bronze Organisation, showcasing its dedication and passion for climate knowledge.

“I cannot advocate enough how much the Positive Planet Carbon Literacy Training opened my eyes to how simple changes to my lifestyle can have such a significant benefit to the planet by reducing my carbon footprint.”

Clive Spooner, Global Training Manager, Vernacare

How we can support you

Carbon Literacy training

This course is aimed at anyone looking to increase their awareness of carbon dioxide costs, the impacts and most importantly, reduce emissions.

Bespoke workshops

Engage your workforce and give them the sustainable skills needed to support your net zero programme.

Net Zero Courses

We offer short online Net Zero courses, so you can understand how your specific job role can have a positive impact on the planet and your business.

This short course is a great way to introduce the challenges surrounding climate change to your workforce. 

If you would like to know more about how Positive Planet can help you improve employee engagement please get in touch.