Reduce your carbon emissions

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Hands on help and support to plan your route to net zero carbon emissions.

Achieving carbon footprint reductions is more than a green initiative—it’s a vital step towards a healthier, sustainable future. We know it’s not a simple task; it requires a thoughtful strategy and commitment. That’s where we come in.

By designing a straightforward plan that aligns with climate science and integrates seamlessly with your overall business strategy, you’re not just reducing emissions. You’re achieving a greener tomorrow, making a positive impact one step at a time.

“Our experience with Positive Planet made us really think about the structured approach we need to our carbon reduction journey. It’s given us a plan that we can easily follow! Without which we’d be guessing. Our carbon footprint report has been an important asset in the sustainability credentials we’re building as a brand.”

Ella Bransfield
Innovation Director at TrunkBBI

Carbon Reduction Plan

A roadmap for organisations to systematically cut carbon emissions, aligning with a commitment to achieving net zero. It sets clear goals for sustainability, utilising emissions data and adhering to standards like PPN 06/21.

Net Zero Strategy

Our approach is to balance emitted and removed greenhouse gases, incorporating sustainable practices and aligning with a net zero target, often aiming for net zero by 2050. This strategy integrates science-based targets and includes a subset of scope 3 emissions.


Supply Chain Engagement

Collaborating with suppliers to reduce environmental impact, focusing on areas like business travel, baseline emissions, and employee commuting. This engagement ensures the entire supply chain aligns with green standards