Implement a robust plan to reduce your company carbon footprint with expert guidance and support.


Put Sustainability At The Heart Of Your Business Strategy


Positive Planet uses the internationally recognised GHG Protocol Reporting Standard to calculate your company carbon footprint so that you can report on your emissions with accuracy and confidence.


Our experienced carbon accountants and analysts simplify the process of measuring your carbon emissions to reduce your time and costs. 


We provide you with straightforward and easy to digest reports to help you understand your carbon footprint and emission hotspots easily.


Carbon Reduction Planning

There is increasing pressure from consumers, customers and regulators on organisations to reduce their carbon emissions. However, knowing where to start when creating a robust carbon reduction plan can be overwhelming, which is why we make the process structured and data-driven.

Reducing your carbon emissions is fast becoming a requisite for responsible businesses. Measuring and then implementing a plan to reduce your carbon footprint is a big opportunity for organisations to become lean, clean and green.

Our carbon reduction programme helps companies to reduce emissions while also delivering operating efficiency, reduced cost and removing risk.


Create Your Plan

Once we have established your carbon baseline by measuring and auditing your carbon emissions, we can help you build a robust carbon reduction and management strategy.

A carbon reduction strategy is a documented plan with a clear set of goals and projects, which will enable you to reach your organisational carbon reduction goals. A carbon reduction strategy will give your organisation a well-defined climate impact statement and a clear direction to share with your stakeholders.


Identify Opportunities

We help you establish the opportunities and priorities in your reduction programme based on the hotspots in your carbon footprint. We also ensure that your carbon reduction programme aligns with your commercial objectives of regulatory compliance, cost reduction, increased efficiency or supply chain management. 


Set Goals & Timelines

We review your carbon reduction opportunities and identify improvement goals and timelines for each objective. We also estimate the carbon and cost savings from each project to determine the return on investment. Our team includes leading academics in sustainability, who can help turn your carbon reduction programme into a competitive strategic advantage. 

We can also help you validate your carbon reduction plan against Science Based Targets to ensure it is robust and fit to share with the world. 


Project Delivery

Our team has a background in project planning and delivering business change, plus vendor identification and selection. In addition, we give you the tools to ensure your carbon reduction programme is a success from launch events, engagement workshops, and climate literacy training.