Carbon emission reduction

Hands on help and support to plan your route to net zero carbon emissions.

Turn your net zero aspiration into impactful actions

For organisations with genuine net zero aspirations, creating and implementing a credible carbon reduction plan is a critical part of your sustainability programme. We help you to develop, monitor and embed a successful sustainability programme as a key part of your business strategy, so that both your organisation and the environment benefit. 

Develop a credible sustainability strategy that's right for your organisation

Carbon reduction plan? Net zero commitment? Science-based targets? Not sure? We’ll help you choose the right decarbonisation strategy for your organisation, set a credible and achievable target, then chart a realistic path to achieving it.

Carbon reduction planning for organisations with simple supply chains

Hands on expert help and support to guide you through the process

  • Identify the quick wins to reduce your carbon emissions
  • Create a long term strategy to minimise your carbon footprint
  • Create a credible carbon reduction plan that meets UK government PPN 06/21 and NHS Net Zero standards

Net zero strategy

Align your net zero strategy with science based targets, so you can share your decarbonisation plans with confidence. 

  • Hands on expert help and support to guide you through the process
  • Create a detailed strategy and roadmap to achieve your net-zero target
  • Receive additional support to set and implement company wide carbon budgets and targets
  • Get regular reviews to ensure that you stay on track

Why choose Positive Planet?

At Positive Planet we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. We set out to help organisations implement change, which has a positive impact on people and the planet, whilst also driving commercial performance.

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