Positive career opportunities

Join a great team, having a positive impact on people and the planet

You could be doing something Positive!

Imagine what it would be like if every day at work, you had a positive impact on improving lives and doing good for our planet. Positive Planet is a new breed of profit with purpose businesses, where care for people and the planet comes before making money. We combine ethical values with a modern, forward-thinking approach to business; to help create a more inclusive and sustainable future. We operate as a co-operative, where every employee has the opportunity to become a partner and share in the success of the company. Relationships are key to our success; be that with each other, or with our clients, our aim is to build positive, memorable relationships that inspire the businesses we interact with to embrace more sustainable business practices. 

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Race & Gender Equality

Never has there been a greater need for collective power. We are committed to giving equal chances to everyone regardless of gender or race. As the business grows we will strive to maintain a fair and representative balance of males and females and individuals from ethnic minorities as partners in the business. 


Everyone should feel comfortable in the workplace, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.  We are committed to creating and maintaining an open and supportive working environment. This includes equal opportunity for advancement and development within the firm regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and the equal provision of benefits to same and opposite sex partners or spouses.


We operate the business as a cooperative partnership with all qualifying employees being awarded shareholding in the business. We do this because we believe that it makes us a better business, and because we feel that everyone should share in the rewards of the efforts. 

Where we work is part of how we work

We believe in leading by example. We prioritise working from home to minimise your travel emissions and improve your work life balance. When we do come in to the office it is a sustainable, healthy and productive environment to help you do your best work. We have minimised our own carbon emissions and we try to only partner with companies who are committed to sustainable actions. We participate by committing to SME Climate Hub pledges. As a business committed to responsible capitalism, we are  proud to be a certified member of the Good Business Charter. 

Saving the planet has it's perks