Business carbon footprint MEASUREMENT

Start your journey to net zero by measuring your business carbon emissions


Understand Your Business Carbon Emissions


Positive Planet uses the internationally recognised GHG Protocol Reporting Standard to calculate your company carbon footprint so that you can report on your emissions with accuracy and confidence.


Our experienced carbon accountants and analysts simplify the process of measuring your carbon emissions to reduce your time and costs. 


We provide you with straightforward and easy to digest reports to help you understand your carbon footprint and emission hotspots easily.


First Step To Net Zero Business

Are you looking for a simple, informative and affordable way to measure and understand your company carbon footprint?  We help small businesses, social enterprises, charities or corporates get a clear and concise view of their organisational carbon emissions to kickstart their net-zero programme.


Identify Source Emissions

We start each carbon footprint measurement project with a client onboarding meeting. Onboarding typically takes less than an hour. We use the session to establish the boundaries of your carbon emissions (what needs to be measured), the period we are measuring and the data points in your business (the information you need to send to us). In addition, you get a dedicated project manager and access to online tools to monitor progress.


What information do we need?

The data gathering is down to you, but don’t worry; our experienced team make it straightforward and painless for you with simple explanations and easy to use templates. 

 Data gathering is structured around emission Scopes 1,2 & 3. If you haven’t come across them before, Scope 1, 2 and 3 is the universal standard for categorising the carbon emissions a company creates in its operations and its wider value chain.  Emission Scopes 1,2 & 3 first appeared in the Green House Gas Protocol way back in 2001. Emission scopes are the foundation for mandatory carbon emissions reporting in the UK and across the world.

View a full data inventory

Scope 1 emissions are direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by an organisation (e.g., emissions associated with fuel combustion in boilers, furnaces, vehicles). Scope 1 emissions also include fugitive emissions which leak from air conditioning, fire suppression or industrial gasses. 

Scope 2 emissions are indirect GHG emissions associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling. Although scope 2 emissions physically occur at the facility where they are generated, they are accounted for in an organisation’s GHG inventory because they are a result of the organisation’s energy use.

OK, so this is where it gets more complicated. Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organisation, but that the organisation indirectly impacts in its value chain. For most organisations with will include employee travel and commuting, purchased goods and services, waste disposal plus transportation and distribution. 


Measuring Your Carbon Emissions

Once we’ve collated and checked your data, our carbon accountants determine the most appropriate methodology and emission factors to calculate your carbon footprint. We calculate and report emissions for each of your data points, then summarise them by each scope and at a total organisation level to give you your total carbon footprint. 

We mainly use GHG Protocol as the framework for measuring your emissions. GHG Protocol is internationally recognised and approved by the UK Government. We can also use PAS2060 or ISO frameworks when required. 



Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Once we’ve calculated your carbon emissions, we take you through the results of your audit. We discuss your Scope 1,2 & 3 emissions and explain the hotspots in your carbon footprint. Our team will help you fully understand your carbon emissions report and equip you to share the information across your organisation. 

We’ll help you identify the best solutions to everyday challenges, from waste reduction and renewable energy to carbon offsetting. 


Now To Reduce Your Emissions

We help you build a tailored carbon reduction plan, giving your business the tools and knowledge to create a credible net-zero carbon strategy reviewed by our certification team. We follow up with annual workshops to discuss progress against your plan, encouraging continuous improvements.


Why Positive Planet?

Positive Planet members reach their sustainability targets faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than companies acting independently. As a profit with purpose organisation, we enable our members to define and implement a roadmap to net-zero carbon emissions effectively and profitably. We also ensure compliance with new Government carbon reporting requirements.

The team at Positive Planet is dedicated to tackling climate change and improving lives. We’re on a mission to ensure that we all have a sustainable future on our planet, where everyone takes full responsibility to minimise their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.



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