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Measuring your carbon emissions is an important part of your net zero programme. Your calculation must be accurate so that you have a solid understanding of what to reduce and how to go about it. It is also critical in measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of your carbon reduction activity.

Once we’ve calculated your carbon emissions, we take you through the results of your audit. We discuss your Scope 1,2 & 3 emissions and explain the hotspots in your carbon footprint. Our team will help you fully understand your carbon emissions report and equip you to share the information across your organisation. 

We’ll help you identify the best solutions to everyday challenges, including waste reduction and renewable energy.

From onboarding to the evaluation of your results – your carbon accounting expert will support you all the way

Our team of sustainability specialists will advise and support you throughout the process; while you can track your progress using our intuitive project management tool. 

We are proud to be a member of the Carbon Accounting Alliance, a coalition of over 280 organisations who collectively represent over 60,000 company carbon footprints.

Move from intent to impact by using your carbon footprint measurement to create a credible carbon reduction plan. From simple Carbon Reduction Plans to Net Zero Strategies, we’ll help you to create a compelling approach to minimise your carbon emissions.

Success story: How NORR is designing a sustainable future with Positive Planet

NORR, a global architecture and engineering firm with 800 employees in the UK, US, and Canada, prioritises socially aware, environmentally responsible, and financially viable design solutions. With a mission to contribute to healthier and sustainable spaces worldwide, NORR engages in sustainability initiatives, driven by legislative requirements like PPN 06/21, leading to a partnership with Positive Planet.

In 2022, NORR aimed to align its global commitments toward decarbonization, utilizing Positive Planet’s expertise to streamline processes and set forth on its net-zero emissions journey. Through collaboration with Positive Planet, NORR complies with legislation and expands its sustainability efforts globally, embracing initiatives like the Net-Zero Challenge Canada and SBTi preparation.

The partnership enhances NORR’s competitiveness and financial performance and boosts its brand reputation and credibility among stakeholders. With ongoing support from Positive Planet, NORR remains committed to achieving national decarbonization targets and designing a greener future.

“Tracking and reporting our GHG footprint with Positive Planet has become a core part of our business strategy, helping us to qualify for, and win projects with a sustainability focus. This also gives us an opportunity to engage staff and stakeholders around positive behaviors and initiatives that support our goal of achieving net-zero operational emissions, globally.”

Blake Jackson, Director of Sustainability, NORR

If you would like to know more about how Positive Planet can help your organisation measure it’s carbon footprint please get in touch.