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Positive Planet collaborates with many organisations in the business services and consultancy industry to drive a shift to a more sustainable future. The industry encompasses a diverse range of professional services provided by specialised firms to businesses of all sizes and across various sectors. By working with these businesses, we can influence a wider audience that will help tackle the climate challenge.


Why Sustainability Matters

As a broader shift in business priorities and environmental expectations arise, sustainability has fast become integral for consultancies to win new business. Consultancies and service businesses that incorporate sustainability into their core values are future-proofing their business by preparing for legislative shifts, attracting and retaining talent, and making their organisation a more lucrative prospect for new businesses looking for support.

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This industry plays a crucial role in helping organisations improve their performance, efficiency, and overall business strategies. With our support, consultancies can encourage community members to do as we say and as we do, leading by example and encouraging more businesses to get on board with sustainability activities.

Success Stories: Altair

Want to know how Altair used climate training to heighten their client’s experience?

We strive to put businesses in the driving seat to steer their own sustainability journey, and influence their stakeholders to do the same. Our bespoke workshops and Carbon Literacy (CL) training courses offered a tailored experience to Altair employees to fully understand their business and industry impact in the climate crisis. Upskilling the Altair team made understanding their own carbon footprint a manageable task and employees were able to use what they had learned to inform and encourage their clients to make similar positive impacts within their roles. A perfect example of the importance of working with consultancies to drive a wider climate impact.

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“Positive Planet is very professional and friendly to work with. The team took time planning workshops and Carbon Literacy training to be super relevant and bespoke to our sector and delivered it to all levels of the business. Altair colleagues now have more confidence to raise the topic of climate change with their clients, playing a vital role in our transition to a net zero economy.”

Annabel Gray
Director of Sustainability at Altair

Why Net Zero Matters

In a world where collaboration is key to driving net zero commitments and achieving our goals, consultancies play a fundamental role in influencing change through the sustainable actions they take themselves. Achieving net zero can seem daunting for businesses in isolation, but by advocating sustainability through decarbonisation to community members and stakeholders, businesses can use their sphere of influence to make achieving net zero as a collective a reality within reach.

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