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At Positive Planet, we’re collaborating with architecture, planning & construction industry leaders to ramp up net zero ambitions. The architecture and planning industry is designing buildings for an uncertain future. Professionals have the tools to design sustainable buildings, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. We recognise that to make this possible, architects must have a solid understanding of the climate crisis and why decarbonisation is so important.

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Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability should be the foundation all business operations should be built on. As architecture and planning is a resource-intensive industry, business strategies should embed sustainability throughout, enabling businesses to exercise sustainable activities day-to-day. Organisations that make this a priority are contributing to their longevity, and will only become a more attractive option for potential clients as the climate crisis becomes more prominent.

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Architects and planners should be increasingly aware of the role their designs play in addressing climate change. Sustainable architecture and planning has a wider potential impact, too. It is imperative to drive down emissions for other industries like construction, another highly carbon-intensive sector. Positive Planet can support your transition to a more environmentally conscious way of designing and planning, helping to position you better when tendering for new business.

Success Stories: NORR Consultants

Want to see this in action? Find out how our ongoing support and training with NORR Consultants helped them become a more lucrative proposition for clients looking for the right business to support their needs.

At Positive Planet, we work to level up our community members so they are better equipped to understand their impact, and can make sustainable decisions to benefit their people, and the planet. By incorporating their measurement and reporting into their business strategy. NORR Consultants have been able to tender for, and win new business with a specific focus on sustainability as a unique selling point. These successes are also encouraging internal buy in as the business benefits of prioritising sustainability begin to surface.


“Tracking and reporting our GHG footprint with Positive Planet has become a core part of our business strategy, helping us to qualify for, and win, projects with a sustainability focus. This also gives us an opportunity to engage staff and stakeholders around positive behaviours and initiatives that support our goal of achieving net-zero operational emissions, globally.”

Blake Jackson
Director of Sustainability at NORR Consultants
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Why Net Zero Matters

As sustainability takes centre stage in the architecture, planning and construction industries, the net zero landscape becomes increasingly influential. In this new age of business, environmental reporting will no longer suffice for architectural and planning firms. Instead, these businesses are required to emphasise their commitments and articulate tangible outcomes resulting from their sustainable solutions. This is where partnering with Positive Planet stands out, offering unparalleled collaboration to equip you with the necessary tools for measuring, reducing, and communicating your carbon footprint and sustainable achievements.

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