Pamir 1 Hydropower Generation – Tajikistan

Our clients have ensured local communities in Tajikistan have access to a reliable source of clean energy by supporting the maintenance and operation of this hydropower project.
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Pamir 1 Hydropower Generation - Tajikistan

About the project

The run-of-river Pamir I hydropower station is located in eastern Tajikistan. The project uses water from the Gunt River to generate electricity that is then supplied to the grid, displacing electricity generated mainly from diesel generators. The project aims to regulate the lake outflow in order to increase the water available to Pamir I in winter by 10m3 per second during low flow periods of the Gunt River, and to retain surplus water during summer season. In total, the initiative expects to make reductions of 506,667 tCO2e during the crediting period.

The construction involved in the project is taken up by local workers where ever possible, creating more jobs and boosting the local economy. The expansion in Tajikistan energy system enables a more efficient and affordable energy supply for residents, and everyday improvements are felt by local communities who now have the security of a reliable electricity supply.

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Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at Positive Planet

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