Carbon neutral accreditation

Credible certification for carbon neutral products, services, events or organisations

What is carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral is a term used to describe when the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere by an organisation over a certain time period, for example, 12 months, are mitigated through the purchase and retirement of carbon offsets. In doing so, the emissions caused by the organisation are offset by projects which are directly removing, avoiding, or capturing carbon. 

How does an organisation become carbon neutral?

The process of becoming a carbon neutral business or organisation can be achieved in three simple steps. We start with an accurate measurement or validation of your carbon emissions using GHG Protocol. The next step is to help you implement a carbon reduction plan which delivers approximately 5% emissions reduction per annum. Finally we purchase and retire carbon offsets and plant trees to mitigate your emissions. Our process is robust and accurate to ensure that you can communicate your carbon neutral status without accusations of greenwashing. 

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Carbon neutral accreditation for businesses and community groups

The high recognition and credibility of the Positive Planet Carbon Neutral Certification provides customers and clients with clear understanding of your responsible actions. The label Carbon Neutral from Positive Planet is quickly becoming established as the most credible accreditation for environmentally responsible organisations. 

Certified carbon neutral

Positive Planet Accreditation enables organisations to demonstrate that their carbon neutrality claims are credible and verified in order to increase customer confidence. It provides guidance on how to quantify, reduce and offset carbon emissions on a specified business area. This can include activities, products, services and events. 

Why become certified?

Companies and organisations urgently need to improve their environmental impact. Positive Planet helps them rise to the challenge and maintain competitiveness.

Action on climate change is required from all of us. However, businesses and organisations of all sizes carry a special responsibility as a significant contributor to carbon emissions. By changing their actions and those of their suppliers, companies can have a direct impact on the environment, make an immediate and valuable contribution to sustainability and promote the development of a circular economy.

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PULSAR are providing the work wear industry with a sustainable alternative

PULSAR is a work wear manufacturing company, their team are technical garment specialists and are ready to help and work out solutions to problems. The company has been engaging in sustainability since 2019/2020, but engaged with the Positive Planet team to gain the knowledge and expertise to take their sustainable actions to the next level.

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