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At Positive Planet, we’ve teamed up with key players in the medical, pharmaceutical & healthcare industry to support the transition to NHS net zero. We recognise that the healthcare sector contributes to over 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and businesses must now look inward to their own activities to ensure corporate sustainability strategies align with wider industry goals of achieving net zero.


Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability and Net Zero is not just a checkbox; it’s a catalyst for growth. 

As healthcare companies focus on how their operations can improve human life through illness, the same focus should be held on how they can reduce human environmental health risks. A business model that incorporates both simultaneously will ensure your company remains ahead of the legislative curve for compliance, is better positioned for new tender opportunities, and supports the NHS to net zero.

Healthcare is more than just caring for our population with treatments. Firms equipped with a robust sustainability strategy are putting people, and the planet at the forefront of their operations. By partnering with Positive Planet, you get expert support and guidance to excel in an ever-changing environment and become an industry leader to influence positive change.

Success Stories: Vernacare

Looking for an industry example? Find out how our ongoing support and training with Vernacare pushed them to look inward when understanding their environmental impact within the healthcare sector.

Our commitment is to empower businesses to make sustainable choices, not just for themselves but for the planet. After attending a webinar, Vernacare approached Positive Planet to take part in Carbon Literacy (CL) training to better understand the science behind climate change, and how they have a positive impact on the industry’s current GHG emissions. The CL training enlightened employees of the real impact of their business functions, and influenced workforce-wide inspiration to drive down organisational emissions. Vernacare has since used CL training to become a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation.

“We need to take the time to teach the basics of climate change so that we are all working from the same baseline.  It should not be political.  It is just the facts. But we need to be able to explain it simply so that all of us have a stronger awareness of the causes along with the changes we must make to halt the progression of global warming.

Specifically, I would appeal to all UK business leaders to mandate this training to their employees in a self-conducted course, much like harassment or safety training courses are done today.”

Alex Hodges,
Chief Executive Officer at Vernacare

As the NHS net zero legislative landscape becomes more prominent, the medical and pharmaceutical industry enters a new age where environmental reporting is no longer enough. Instead, businesses must highlight their commitments and outline substantial outcomes from their sustainable activities. This is where your collaboration with Positive Planet becomes unrivalled,  providing the tools you need to measure, reduce, and communicate your carbon footprint and sustainable successes.

Download our healthcare net zero roadmap

Looking for healthcare decarbonisation tips?

Our counting carbon in healthcare toolkit helps you understand the complete climate impact of the medical and pharmaceutical industry and the part you can play in minimising the industry’s carbon footprint.

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