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In today’s world, sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a crucial aspect of business operations, especially for events, venues, and hospitality companies. Partnering with a sustainability consultancy can provide numerous benefits, helping you align with environmental goals, enhance your brand image, and create a positive impact on the planet.

With thousands of events occurring worldwide annually, the collective carbon footprint is substantial. However, by adopting sustainable practices, these sectors can lead the way in reducing environmental impact while still providing exceptional experiences for attendees.

Why Sustainability Matters

In the events, venues, and hospitality space, sustainability is more than just a trend — it’s essential to ensuring the industry’s future while protecting the planet for generations to come. The decisions we make today in planning and hosting events have wide-reaching effects, impacting everything from climate stability to the well-being of our communities. Adopting sustainable practices helps us minimise our carbon footprint, preserve valuable resources, and promote healthier, more equitable experiences for all attendees and stakeholders.

Discover the tools and expertise required to transform intent into positive impact, and be inspired by three client stories leading the way to sustainability success in this industry.

Why Net Zero Matters

Achieving Net Zero emissions is a pivotal goal in the fight against climate change. For the events, venues, and hospitality industries, this means meticulously measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all operations. Net Zero is not just an environmental imperative; it’s a business opportunity. By striving for Net Zero, we enhance our brand reputation, meet growing consumer demands for eco-friendly practices, and often realise cost savings through increased efficiency and innovative solutions.

P&J Live is the largest event complex in the North of Scotland, boasting world-class conference and exhibition facilities for global organisers and delegates, all sustainably powered by local, renewable energy sources. Positive Planet has been supporting P&J Live for several months now, helping the event venue measure its carbon footprint to understand further its environmental impact, along with any emission hotspots that crop up with operating a large-scale event venue.

The consulting team works side-by-side with venue employees to analyse their impact and help them build a credible carbon reduction plan that will guarantee emission reductions towards their organisational goal of achieving Net Zero. Whilst, some members of the venue team, including Managing Director Rob Wicks, have attended Carbon Literacy training delivered by Positive Planet to get to grips with the science behind climate change. This has enabled real progress in the organisation’s sustainability journey by driving senior-level buy-in.

“Positive Planet have worked closely with P&J Live to launch our sustainability journey. The initial focus has been on measuring the venue’s carbon footprint through an in-depth review Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and producing a high quality and detailed report with supporting analysis. The report will enable us to develop a comprehensive carbon management strategy designed to help us take the necessary actions to achieve Net Zero.”

Rob Wicks
Managing Director, P&J Live

The business case for sustainable events

For many events companies, sustainability is seen as an unnecessary expense on top of costly means of production and delivery. However, this is a common misconception. Well-executed sustainable events can encourage cost savings, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction.

Utilising energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources can enable up to 60% savings on energy consumption compared to conventional events. Other studies show overriding support from consumers for sustainable events, too. 75% of attendees express a preference for events that demonstrate environmental responsibility, highlighting an increasing consciousness of sustainability within the marketplace.

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The events, venues and hospitality industries have a significant role to play in the sustainability movement. With thousands of events hosted annually and a £10.9bn contribution to the UK economy, the environmental impact can be substantial. By adopting sustainable practices, we can reduce waste, conserve energy, and set a powerful example for attendees. Sustainable events not only protect the planet but also enhance attendee experiences, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and creating lasting positive impressions.

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