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At Positive Planet, we’re collaborating with key players in the IT Software, Services, & Technology industry to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy. We recognise that achieving net zero involves more than isolated action. It entails collaboration, innovation and action in conjunction, with an underlying foundation of sustainability.


Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is much more than a buzzword, it’s a staple all businesses should consider in their operations. In a world so dominated by technology and digitalisation by the global population, IT firms have the power to embed sustainability into innovations and functions that can accelerate global decarbonisation. Companies that hold this as a core value are better positioned to adapt to inevitable regulation that is on the way.


IT’s potential positive impact doesn’t stop at industry level. With the ability to influence billions of people in their daily behaviours, IT companies can lead the transition to a net zero future through the development of innovative new technologies and business models facilitating global net zero progress. As well as looking inward into reducing organisational emissions.

Success Stories: Phoebus Software

Want to see this in action? Find out how our ongoing support and training with Phoebus has established sustainability as an integral part of the business.

As a business, we strive to enable businesses to take sustainable action for both people, and the planet. Phoebus is a software company seeking support to address sustainability in a circular manner with a range of Positive Planet services. The company has boosted organisation-wide climate impact knowledge through Carbon Literacy training, measured their carbon footprint and are actively engaging in carbon reduction activities. They also remain completely transparent with stakeholders by publishing annual ESG reports highlighting progress, targets, and next steps.

Phoebus Software

“As a business, we have learned a great deal about the topic of sustainability and how we can make better efforts to decrease our carbon emissions. I am someone in the business who is looked upon as being knowledgeable in this area – this is all thanks to Positive Planet. 

As a company, we are making great strides with our sustainability efforts and are definitely ahead of the curve within our market – this is thanks to us working alongside Positive Planet. Our first two annual ESG Reports were created by Positive Planet, with input from our company. Both reports have been received very well both internally and externally.”

Warren Gorman Brooks
Executive Assistant  at Phoebus Software

Why Net Zero Matters

Despite only being responsible for 1-2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, tech’s potential contribution to the global transition to net zero emissions could be as much as a 15% global reduction by 2030. Now, the IT industry must use its ability to scale quickly to minimise its environmental impact and influence consumers to do the same. Positive Planet can support you on this journey. Our partnership will hand you the tools and knowledge to measure, reduce, and communicate your climate impact and sustainable successes.

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