How EVera Recruitment has ensured sustainability is a key part of their business strategy

EVera Recruitment is a leading consultancy providing battery and EV companies with Managers, Engineers, and Technical Experts. Positive Planet recently sat down with Steve Doyle, CEO of EVera Recruitment, to learn more about their journey to Certified Carbon Negative and their work to support the environment in their local area and beyond.

EVera Recruitment is a leading consultancy providing battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) companies with Managers, Engineers, and Technical Experts. The EVera team possess a deep and technical understanding of the sector and can find rare skills and talent that are required in the rapidly growing EV industry.

Positive Planet recently sat down with Steve Doyle, CEO of EVera Recruitment, to learn more about their journey to Certified Carbon Negative and their work to support the environment in their local area and beyond.

As a company focused on EV and battery recruitment, there’s a passion for the environment as although not perfect, the EV industry is proven to be a far better option than diesel and petrol alternatives. In the EV and battery space, it’s an international playing field and supply chains can stretch from China and India, to South America and Australia, so it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. In comparison, there is no real push within the recruitment industry to be a sustainable or environmentally conscious company. So, the combination of the two created a great opportunity to pursue the necessary steps so they could not only make a difference but gain a competitive advantage.

As Steve explained, there aren’t many companies in his industry doing what EVera are doing as many small businesses or businesses in the service-based industries believe they aren’t huge contributors to the problem. However, in 2021, UK SMEs contributed an estimated 160 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1), representing 44% of the total UK non-household emissions.

Steve first came across Positive Planet through the work with BrewDog to support them to achieve Certified Carbon Negative status. After a short but informative call with Bryony Slater, Head of Impact & Strategy, Positive Planet came out on top to support EVera through their own journey to Certified Carbon Negative and further reduction planning.

After measuring their carbon footprint with our sustainability team, Steve and his team decided to pursue Carbon Negative Certification which involves offsetting 120% of EVera’s annual carbon footprint. EVera is working with our international offsetting partners as well as Green The UK who focus on investing in wildlife local to your business.

EVera plan to plant a tree for every single person they place in a new job and have dropped typical birthday gifts to support tree planting projects.

EVera also plans to build bee motorways, in collaboration with Green the UK, which are areas connected by creating and restoring wildflower-rich patches. The motorways are needed because bees have limited flight capacity to find food.  They will be planted locally to EVera Recruitment HQ in Stafford, and the full team will be getting hands-on in the development!

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“The initial Carbon Footprint calculation was in-depth, but Positive Planet led us by the hand through the process and was therefore swift and relatively simple. Once we calculated our footprint, PP showed us how to offset it and put strategies in place to reduce it over the coming years.
I guess what I didn’t expect was the enthusiasm and engagement from my team too – everyone is now part of the journey and I think it’s created even more pride in the EVera brand from our staff. We will continue to work with PP to remain Carbon Negative and I would recommend all SMEs to do the same – it’s easy and cost-effective.”

Steve Doyle, CEO EVera Recruitment

Steve first engaged with Positive Planet in October 2022 and by December 2022 they were Certified Carbon Negative, the quick turnaround allowed Steve to build up momentum with his team and showcase the real work they have already put in place.

The short-term benefits have been fantastic for EVera, engaging with a sustainability consultancy has allowed them the space to rethink many areas of their business. From energy usage in the office to how the team commute to work every day and are determined to reduce their current carbon footprint year on year.

It also has been a great tool to set them apart from their competitors, as discussed sustainability is not high on the agenda for many recruitment businesses so it’s a great differentiator for EVera. The EVera team now have an added sense of pride in the company they work for and their role in making a positive impact on the environment.

Steve and the EVera team have set up a 5 Part Environmental Pledge, which details the areas of focus for EVera over the next year and beyond. EVera also plans to engage with Positive Planet in Carbon Reduction planning.

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