How No Evil Nutrition took its organic products to next level

Positive Planet, recently sat down with Darryl White, Founder of No Evil Nutrition to discuss the challenges faced on this journey and why they felt it was necessary to become more sustainable.

No Evil Nutrition creates high-quality superfoods and supplements made from wholesome, organic ingredients. No Evil values helping people live happy and healthier lives, and all their products are entirely plant-based and organic. So, ensuring their company is also sustainable and Certified Carbon Neutral was a no-brainer for them. 

Positive Planet, recently sat down with Darryl White, Founder of No Evil Nutrition to discuss the challenges faced on this journey to become Certified Carbon Neutral and why they felt it was necessary to become more sustainable. 

No Evil Nutrition’s target market has sustainability high on their agenda. Therefore, engaging with measuring, reducing, and offsetting their carbon footprint to reach Certified Carbon Neutral felt like the right thing to do to align even more with their company values and increasing the value of their products to their customers. 

A key challenge for No Evil was that it can be extremely complex to start on the journey to becoming more sustainable as a small business. Due to the lack of time, resources, and funds it can be difficult to get started and find an affordable solution. Another challenge that many companies face in the food industry is packaging and reducing the use of plastics. No Evil also feared greenwashing, they wanted to be mindful of that through every step of the process with Positive Planet and be as authentic and honest as possible with their stakeholders. 

No Evil engaged with Positive Planet back in November 2021, due to the hands-on approach and affordable options compared to competitors. The Positive Planet solution included support to reach Certified Carbon Neutral status, which involves measuring their carbon footprint, so they could assess where they are currently at and take some immediate action to begin reduction of carbon emissions and finally offsetting those emissions. No Evil is now looking to put in place a reduction plan to continue their sustainability journey with Positive Planet. 

As a small business, No Evil found that there are practical measures they could easily change on this journey. One example is researching the couriers they use to deliver their products, as many couriers now offset emissions. Also, having a small premises meant they could easily control their energy use. No Evil also investigated their supply chain, and how they source the raw materials for their products. No Evil are Organic Certified, which means the farmers growing the raw ingredients must legally comply with strict regulations to ensure they sustain the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. 

Another great initiative No Evil have put into place, is they give 2% of every sale to charities and good causes that share similar goals.  You can find out more about this on the 2% pledge here.

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“Our goal at No Evil is to provide our customers with amazing products, whilst having a positive impact on society and our planet. Our partnership with Positive Planet has really helped us achieve this. Through their assessment and carbon reduction process, we’ve been able to minimise our impact on the environment in a simple, repeatable way that we can evidence to our customers.”

Darryl White, Founder of No Evil Nutrition

One benefit that No Evil have experienced from working with Positive Planet is the internal education piece. No Evil now feel empowered and educated on what good practise is, how to be more mindful and keep sustainability at the top of their agenda. 

 A key benefit has been the credibility that becoming Certified Carbon Neutral has given No Evil, being able to use the logo on the products has been valuable to showcase the work they have achieved to their customers. It’s also a great differentiator between competitors and is useful for small businesses when applying for awards or funding. 

For No Evil, the future is exciting, with hopes to continue to grow the business and keep sustainability high on the agenda. They will continue their relationship with Positive Planet by implementing a carbon reduction plan. 

The packaging of No Evil products continues to be a focus, with the company looking for the most sustainable options that are cost-effective and loved by consumers is a hard balance to find.  The passion and dedication of the No Evil team to stand by their company values will be key to finding that balance and Positive Planet are looking forward to continuing to support them on this journey. 

Find out more about No Evil Nutrition’s great products, and company values here. 

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