How PHASTAR engaged their employees to work together and reduce their carbon emissions

We recently sat down with, Victoria Bennett, PHASTAR’s Facilities Manager, to find out more about the great work they have done to engage their employees and include the global team in making better decisions for the planet.

PHASTAR is a global award-winning contract research organisation that works with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies by supporting their clinical trial programmes with expert statistical consulting, analysis, reporting, and data management.

First engaging with Positive Planet back in May 2022, the PHASTAR team wanted to gain a better understanding of the company’s carbon footprint, and how it was impacting the world, and begin their carbon reduction journey.

Positive Planet recently sat down with, Victoria Bennett, PHASTAR’s Facilities Manager, to find out more about the great work they have done to engage their employees and include the global team in making better decisions for the planet.

Throughout 2022, the PHASTAR team has sought to better understand the needs and wishes of their current workforce and prospective newcomers. In doing so, they discovered that sustainability and environmental responsibility was high on the agenda of many colleagues, particularly among recent graduates.

2016 study highlighted that 88% of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they’re provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues, and this is likely to increase as sustainability credentials become more and more mainstream and more companies get on board with becoming environmentally responsible.        

Sustainability has also become a greater concern for potential clients, who are starting to ask questions about how their would-be partners may be impacting the environment. These factors encouraged PHASTAR to take the first steps on their sustainability journey, which started with approaching Positive Planet for their knowledge and expertise in the
measurement and reduction of corporate carbon footprints.

PHASTAR started working with Positive Planet’s Carbon Measurement team to uncover their carbon footprint and begin planning to reduce their emissions. With a carbon reduction plan in place, the company will be audited annually to ensure they remain on target and continue to enact positive change.

Positive Planet’s hands-on approach helped PHASTAR to understand the key areas for improvement, and how to embed sustainability into their company culture, from everyday working to how purchases are made. Victoria shared that Positive Planet’s straightforward process and invaluable advice took away the initial feelings of being overwhelmed.

PHASTAR is now running a rewilding initiative, which supports reforestation efforts in Kenya and Scotland, including the planting of a tree for every employee, past, present, and future! You can read more about this initiative here.


“Positive Planet have helped us to take the important steps on our carbon footprint measurement, and carbon reduction planning. Taking small steps, to achieve our bigger sustainability goals has improved employee engagement and customer satisfaction.”

Victoria Bennett, Facilities Manager, PHASTAR.

The work PHASTAR have already put in place to improve their sustainability agenda is fantastic, with all steps, small and large, contributing to the bigger picture. PHASTAR now exclusively buy non-toxic cleaning products, use recycled paper across all their sites, and recycle all their used IT equipment. The company has also updated a host of internal policies related to travel and environmentally conscious purchasing, ensuring that sustainability is considered alongside costs.

Victoria has taken the lead with many of these changes and is extremely proud of the progress made by the whole team at PHASTAR, especially PHASTAR’s ‘beekeepers’, colleagues who update the company’s internal sustainability-focused SharePoint site and work on small, related projects known as ‘hives’.

With all these new changes in place, PHASTAR is now on a mission to achieve further environmental certification and recognition and will continue to set a brilliant example of how companies should be operating to ensure we are protecting our planet.

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