ramarketing sets the standard for sustainability in marketing agencies: partnering with Positive Planet

International life sciences marketing agency ramarketing appointed Positive Planet as its first sustainability partner in 2022, with the primary objective of gaining a deeper understanding of its environmental footprint and how to transparently report on its emissions. Find out how ramarketing to unlocked business growth through the partnership below.

International life sciences marketing agency ramarketing appointed Positive Planet as its first sustainability partner in 2022, with the primary objective of gaining a deeper understanding of its environmental footprint and how to transparently report on its emissions. Additionally, the collaboration aimed to enhance employee engagement regarding the climate crisis and highlight the positive contributions ramarketing could make by utilising several Positive Planet services.

Operating within the life sciences sector, where there is a heightened focus on sustainability, underlined the importance of ramarketing embracing ESG initiatives. Many of ramarketing’s clients are actively working to reduce their environmental impact and put sustainability front and centre and ramarketing recognised the importance of supporting these efforts within its own organisation.

This commitment not only underscores the company’s values and principles, which include ‘really care’ and ‘do the right thing’, but also enables them to become more aware, with Carbon Literacy training equipping ramarketing to support clients on their own sustainability journey.


In the first year of the partnership, Positive Planet’s hands-on support helped ramarketing prioritise a comprehensive carbon footprint measurement and the development of a net zero strategy. By March 2023, the net zero strategy was published, and the report outlined its current carbon emissions and realistic aims to reduce them. The ramarketing team shares a collective passion for reducing emissions in hotspot areas and is ensuring their strategy aligns with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Some of the key goals from last year’s report include:

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions reduction by 2030 in line with the 1.5 °C target set within the Paris Agreement
  • 100% renewable energy use by 2027
  • Transition to 50% sustainable and/or local suppliers by 2028

You can download the net zero report here.

Now in its second year of reporting, ramarketing is actively engaged in thorough progress assessments around its year two footprint, implementing a customised commuting and remote work survey provided by Positive Planet.

Further upcoming milestones include revising the net-zero strategy in line with any regulatory updates and becoming an accredited Carbon Literate Organisation, scheduled for the coming year. It’s crucial for ramarketing to maintain an annual reporting cycle to uphold accountability.

The company’s overarching goal is to attain net zero status by 2050.

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“Our collaboration with Positive Planet has really helped set us on the right track to reduce our global carbon footprint and bring positive change to our business. It’s been an education, and as we continue on our journey, we plan to continue to work towards our own sustainability goals, and also support our clients as they look to meet their own.”

Improving employee engagement with sustainability is paramount in fostering a culture of responsibility and innovation within organisations. When employees are actively involved and invested in sustainability initiatives, they advocate for positive change both within and outside the workplace. ramarketing understands this well through other ESG initiatives they have undertaken but for climate change, it can feel like a daunting topic to tackle.

That’s why, ramarketing decided to take part in Carbon Literacy training (CLT), a full-day training session delivered by Positive Planet and designed to boost climate knowledge. This training provides the opportunity to bring learners up to speed when it comes to climate change and, enabling them to set both personal and organisational pledges to reduce carbon emissions. The training has been a great way to improve employee engagement in ramarketing’s sustainability journey and has sparked a real commitment to turning intent into positive action.

ramarketing aims to become a Gold Carbon Literate Organisation by 2025.

During their Carbon Literacy training, ramarketing has identified two key themes in their collective pledges: commuting and training/education. These themes reflect the significant impact that transportation and improved awareness have on an individual’s carbon footprint.

Positive Planet’s guidance throughout the process has enabled ramarketing to consistently progress toward its goals. The continuous support with virtual meetings around measurement and reductions as well as onsite training has inspired and engaged employees across the company with plans to take this further in 2024. It has enabled the partnership to build momentum and has quickly become an initiative people want to be involved in.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with ramarketing, aimed at enhancing their environmental sustainability efforts. Our partnership involves extensive analysis of their carbon footprint, alongside expert guidance to develop effective carbon reduction and net zero strategies.

Last year, we introduced Carbon Literacy training to their workforce, which has already had some great tangible benefits. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with ramarketing to magnify the positive impact of these initiatives.”

ramarketing now feels empowered to champion sustainability both internally and in discussions with its life sciences clients. One aim is to continue to improve internal knowledge of sustainability to become an industry leader in this area. This will allow ramarketing to influence their customers and sector, encouraging them to make similar positive impacts, and to potentially support clients with their own ESG journeys.

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