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Six Degrees is taking sustainability seriously in cloud computing

Positive Planet has recently enabled Six Degrees to continue its journey to becoming more sustainable and sat down with Lee Cox, Head of Bid Management at Six Degrees to better understand the business’ journey so far and what the future holds.

Six Degrees is a leading secure technology services provider, with multiple offices across the UK. The company creates secure, flexible platforms that set organisations free to achieve and exceed their boldest aspirations, whatever those may be. Positive Planet has recently enabled Six Degrees to continue its journey to becoming more sustainable and sat down with Lee Cox, Head of Bid Management, to better understand the business’ journey so far and what the future holds.

For Six Degrees, its sustainability journey has been evolving for a long time. As a secure technology services provider, the company has a big presence at data centres which is a huge contributor to its overall carbon footprint. Like many businesses, Six Degrees has had an Environmental Policy in place for some time, and Six Degrees has achieved many initiatives including energy switching at some of its data centres to renewable energy where possible.

The trigger for engaging with a sustainability consultancy like Positive Planet was due to Public Sector Procurement Regulations and the growing need to have a published reduction plan. Lee shared that the business was already working on lots of great stuff, but it meant nothing for the continued growth and success of Six Degrees if it was not documented in a Public Procurement Notice (PPN) compliant carbon reduction plan. PPNs are needed when bidding for many Central Government or public bodies contracts; Positive Planet aims to minimise the workload to ensure that businesses achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, Positive Planet goes beyond compliance to help you implement a sustainability strategy, that enhances your bid submissions and elevates your reputation.

Although Lee and the wider team were making progress in terms of sustainability, they lacked the bandwidth and knowledge to achieve their bigger goals. The team struggled to make the progress they wanted in having a ‘proper’ carbon footprint report as they were unfamiliar with the process and did not have a sustainability lead who could take the project on full-time.

After seeking recommendations from one of their partners, Advice Cloud, who achieved Certified Carbon Neutral certification with us, the team established that Positive Planet may be a good fit for what they were looking to achieve.

Positive Planet provided Six Degrees with the support of experts who specialise in carbon footprint measurement and carbon reduction planning, who could help with the documentation of the work the company had already achieved and bring in new ideas.                                                                                      

In November 2022, Six Degrees received its PPN compliance documentation after measuring its scope one, two and partial three emissions and now plans to offset these emissions through Positive Planet’s Certified offsetting partners. Lee explained the great support received from the Carbon Reduction Consultant Hellen Sterling with putting in place a carbon reduction plan. Through Hellen’s expertise, she was able to share ideas of where Six Degrees should focus its reduction efforts and these initiatives were ones that the business could really get stuck into. The Positive Planet team enabled Six Degrees to make the transition from measuring its carbon footprint to achieving a list of reduction initiatives straightforward and in line with the business’ requirements.

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“We are hugely grateful to Positive Planet for the support and guidance provided in getting our carbon footprint measured, and CRP agreed, within specific time pressures. I’m excited about the next steps on Six Degrees’ carbon reduction journey and look forward to working with Positive Planet to achieve them.”

Lee Cox, Head of Bid Management, Six Degrees

Six Degrees’ trigger for first engaging with Positive Planet was linked to improving its efforts with public sector compliance, so the work completed is a clear benefit. However, there has been an array of further benefits, including the work generating more visibility in the business. It showcased to the workforce Six Degrees’ continued commitment to making a difference in sustainability.

This work has benefitted other areas of Six Degrees, from working on its wider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy to improving employee engagement. This progress will also set Six Degrees apart from competitors and offer an advantage when hiring new employees. The process also highlighted some gaps in Six Degrees’ past efforts of reporting, so it has greatly benefitted the data quality and influenced future plans.

The next step for Lee and the Six Degrees team is to measure the full scope three emissions so that the business can become Certified Carbon Neutral, a goal for Six Degrees. This will be a longer piece of work but can now be thoroughly completed without the pressure of needing the PPN-compliant reduction plan.

Six Degrees is also looking forward to taking part in Carbon Literacy Training and improving the yearly reporting and the reflection piece that will offer. There are also plans to put steering or working groups in place to be champions of an improved ESG strategy and to support the efforts with continued carbon reduction year after year.

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