net zero

Net Zero Strategy

Comprehend the primary factors, legal responsibilities, existing policies, and stakeholder expectations essential for effectively addressing climate change and establishing a governance framework. Our support aims to guide you in critical areas of focus by dissecting your mission and vision, aligning them with climate goals, business objectives, and prevailing challenges.

Formulate, track, and integrate a robust sustainability strategy and action plan seamlessly into your business’s vision, mission, and values, ensuring that climate action becomes integral to your operational core.

An example of a Net Zero Report. Written and designed by Positive Planet, in collaboration with our client PULSAR.


We’re pleased to have partnered up with Positive Planet in helping us measure our Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions as a business, and helping with visibility of our largest footprint within head office operations. The process has been very slick and we’ve had great support with any questions that have arisen.

Throughout this process we’ve also gained more of an understanding into sustainability and we’re really excited to continue our journey in working alongside Positive Planet to implement a reduction plan and Net Zero Roadmap.

Debbie Huntley
Sustainability Manager at PULSAR

Align your net zero strategy with science-based targets

So you can share your decarbonisation plans with confidence.

  • Hands-on expert help and support to guide you through the process.
  • Create a detailed strategy and roadmap to achieve your net-zero target.
  • Receive additional support to set and implement company-wide carbon budgets and targets.
  • Get regular reviews to ensure that you stay on track.