Supply Chain Engagement

As you strive to enhance the sustainability of your business, it becomes crucial to address the impact throughout your entire supply chain. Why? Because a substantial portion, up to 90%, of emissions occurs within the value chain.

This underscores the vital role of incorporating supply chain transformation into your overall sustainability strategy and goals. By taking this step, you open doors to the opportunities that come with fostering a more sustainable supply chain.

Supply Chain Engagement

Year One: Baseline

In the inaugural year, we conduct a spend-based review of your suppliers, identifying key areas of focus. We develop a simple yet effective supply chain sustainability plan and organise a meeting to discuss its implementation. We create a concise communication document to be sent to your suppliers, explaining the Net Zero journey and its implications for them in the upcoming years.

sustainability plan

Year Two: Engagement

Building upon the baseline, the second year involves the development of a supplier survey, with increased detail and reach annually. Our experts analyse survey responses, measure the outcomes, and devise an action plan for implementation. For a more hands-on approach, optional supplier engagement workshops or invitations to regular webinars ensure ongoing connection and collaboration.

Year Three Onwards: Action

As we transition to the action phase, we work towards sustainable procurement policy development. Simultaneously, a specialised supplier sustainability assessment tool is created, aligning seamlessly with the newly established policy. The annual survey continues, providing valuable data for analysis, measurement, and the formulation of strategic action plans. For those seeking to explore alternatives, our additional service of alternative supplier research is available.

Our supply chain engagement process evolves annually, ensuring a dynamic and responsive strategy that aligns with your organisation’s sustainability goals.