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Delivering a Net-Zero National Health Service Supply Chain


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We support organisations in the NHS supply chain to comply with NHS Net-Zero. Our team has significant experience in supporting NHS supply chain businesses across various sectors, including recruitment, procurement, consultancy, construction, and technology. We are proficient in minimising your workload to ensure that you achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, we go beyond compliance to help you implement a sustainability strategy, that enhances your bid submissions and elevates your reputation. 


Decarbonising the supply chain

With more than 60% of the NHS carbon footprint based within the NHS supply chain, the NHS needs the support of their supply chain to achieve net-zero by 2045.

Supporting the NHS to reduce harmful carbon emissions presents suppliers with the opportunity to play a part in improving health today and for future generations.


NHS Net-Zero Supplier Roadmap

  • From April 2023: the NHS will adopt the Government’s ‘Taking Account of Carbon Reduction Plans‘ (PPN 06/21), requiring all suppliers bidding for new contracts for goods, services, and/or works with an anticipated overall contract value above £5 million per annum, to publish a carbon reduction plan for their direct emissions.
  • From April 2024, the NHS will expand this requirement for all new contracts, irrespective of value.
  • From April 2027: all suppliers with contracts for goods, services, and/or works for any value, will be expected to publish a carbon reduction plan that takes into account the suppliers’ direct and indirect emissions.
  • From April 2028: new requirements will be introduced overseeing the provision of carbon foot-printing for individual products supplied to the NHS. The NHS will work with suppliers and regulators to determine the scope and methodology.
  • From 2030: suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they can demonstrate their progress through published progress reports and continued carbon emissions reporting through the supplier framework


Delivering Net-Zero NHS

Since the publication of the “Delivering a Net Zero NHS” report, the NHS England Public Board approved a roadmap to help suppliers align with their net-zero ambition between now and 2030. This approach builds on UK Government procurement policy (PPN 06/21).

A Supplier Framework for benchmarking and reporting progress against the requirements detailed in this roadmap will be available in 2022.


Evergreen Supplier Compliance

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Accelerating progress towards NHS net-zero

In addition to the above roadmap, the NHS has committed to adopting the Government’s Social Value Model (PPN 06/20) from April 2022. From this date, all NHS tenders must include a minimum of 10% scoring criteria in all procurements to assess how suppliers will contribute to the NHS’ net-zero targets and social value in contract delivery.


What Do You Need To Do To Comply?


Carbon Reduction Plan

The carbon reduction plan should be developed using the provided template. Your organisation’s senior leadership should approve the program within the 12 months preceding the commencement of the procurement, publicised on your company website, and updated at least annually. 

Suppliers may be excluded from applying for government contracts for failing to comply with the selection criteria, such as failing to make an organisational commitment to reaching net-zero, disclosing emissions, or showing an evidenced strategy to reduce emissions.


Comply With NHS Net-Zero

Positive Planet can support you to comply with NHS Net-Zero by measuring your emissions, helping you formulate a carbon reduction strategy or adapting your existing plan to meet the government PPN 06/21 criteria and hosting your data online.

Our support extends across the Net Zero journey from understanding and calculating your current carbon footprint and emissions baseline, setting targets and developing carbon strategies that we help implement across your business and supply chain. 

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