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Carbon Reduction Plan

A carbon reduction plan is a strategic roadmap outlining steps to minimise carbon emissions. It’s essential as it provides a structured approach to achieve sustainability goals, aligns with regulations, and enhances overall environmental performance.

The roadmap helps organisations to systematically cut carbon emissions, aligning with a commitment to achieving net zero. It sets clear goals for sustainability, utilising emissions data and adhering to standards like PPN 06/21.

“Positive Planet have helped us to take the important steps on our carbon footprint measurement, and carbon reduction planning. Taking small steps to achieve our bigger sustainability goals has improved employee engagement and customer satisfaction.” 

Victoria Bennett
Facilities Manager at PHASTAR

Hands-on expert help and support to guide you through the process

  • Identify the quick wins to reduce your carbon emissions
  • Create a long-term strategy to minimise your carbon footprint
  • Create a credible carbon reduction plan that meets UK government PPN 06/21 and NHS Net Zero standards

Develop a credible sustainability strategy that’s right for your organisation

Carbon reduction plan? Net zero commitment? Science-based targets? Not sure? We’ll help you choose the right decarbonisation strategy for your organisation, set a credible and achievable target, then chart a realistic path to achieving it.