Certified carbon offsetting solutions tackle climate change and improve lives


Use Carbon Offsets to Mitigate The Business Emissions You Can't Remove


Reducing Emissions And Improving Lives

Carbon offsetting funds projects which help to prevent carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting typically reduces emissions much faster than you can reduce your company emissions. Carbon offsetting projects are scientifically proven to help to combat global climate change, which is good for our planet.

Our carbon credits are selected on the basis that they improve lives as well as the environment. We try to only select carbon credits that contribute to reducing poverty, improving health and reducing carbon emissions.


What Is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a means of mitigating your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon removal elsewhere. Almost everything we do at home and at work consumes energy and produces carbon emissions. Activities such as travel, heating buildings, and even storing data generates significant carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is used to balance out these emissions by helping to pay for emission savings in other parts of the world. Nature doesn’t care where carbon is removed; it only matters that it is removed. However, offsetting is not a get out of jail free card; we still need to work on reducing our own emissions at source.

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Our Carbon Offsetting Projects

We support a range of carbon offset projects which comply with leading international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). In addition, our carbon offset projects meet the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting, following a footprint calculation by Positive Planet


Is Offsetting the Answer To Climate Change?

Carbon offsetting provides an ability to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the most cost-effective and economically efficient manner. Offsetting plays a vital role in combating climate change, but it is not the solution if done in isolation. At Positive Planet, we believe that climate change will only be addressed if individuals, businesses and government organisations all take responsible steps to minimise our CO2 emissions and then offset the remaining unavoidable emissions.

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How Do We Verify Our Offsets?

We offer a wide range of verified carbon offsets for customers to choose from. We employ a strict protocol utilising blockchain technology to manage our offsets and carry out careful due diligence of our project collaborators and suppliers before offering any products to you. 

We keep detailed records of all purchases we make on your behalf. We also have a monitoring system that records when tree planting has occurred, or offsets have been retired, allowing us to track purchases from issue to expiry.


Offsetting Subscriptions Packages

The easiest way to purchase carbon credits to offset your company carbon footprint is through our monthly subscription service. Our packages are designed to cover your employees work and home carbon emissions. You pay a fixed amount every month and we handpick a selection of high impact carbon offset projects and plant trees to offset your workforces carbon emissions. 

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